Jewish Studies Perspectives, 1800-1918

Jewish Studies Perspectives, 1800-1918 is an archive of publications covering Jewish culture and religious practice in the modern world. The collection touches on nearly every aspect of Judaism and Jewish culture and reflects the growth and change of the Jewish community.

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Subject Area: Religion & Philosophy
Ideal For: Academic Libraries

Title List:
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Content Includes:

  • More than 800 monographs
  • Coverage from 1800 to 1918

Subjects Include:

  • Hebrew language
  • Talmund
  • Jewish law
  • Histories of Israel and Jerusalem
  • Hebrew poetry
  • Theology
  • Synagogue worship
  • Priesthood

From Atla, a membership association of collectors and connectors in religion and theology, Jewish Studies Perspectives features prominent authors including Heinrich Ewald, Joseph Flavius and Ernst Renan. It includes significant holdings in German and English and features content in 11 other languages, including French, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Aramaic and Dutch.

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