Atla Historical Monographs Collection (11 Series)

Atla Historical Monographs Collection (11 Series) provides history and religious studies researchers with over 10 million pages and 29,000 documents focused on religious thought and practice. Eleven thematic series provide researchers with specialized content spanning from the 13th century through 1922. Researchers can view all of the typography, graphics and drawings as they were originally presented, which provides context and perspective to religion in American and world history.

Biblical Research Perspectives, 1516-1922

Biblical Research Perspectives, 1516-1922 is an archive of publications covering the growth of biblical studies and the discovery of ancient manuscripts. With this collection, researchers can gain a better understanding of biblical interpretation and thought over time. 

Catholic Engagements with the Modern World, 1487-1918

Catholic Engagements with the Modern World, 1487-1918 is an archive of publications profiling the teaching and practices of the Catholic Church in the modern era. Coverage includes the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Counter-Reformation and the Enlightenment through the early 20th century.

Christian Preaching, Worship, and Piety, 1559-1919

Christian Preaching, Worship, and Piety, 1559-1919 is an archive of publications reflecting how Christians lived out their faith in the form of sermons, worship and piety. It features over 700 texts of either individual or collected sermons from over 400 authors, including Lyman Beecher, Charles Grandison Finney, Friedrich Schleiermacher, and Francis Xavier Weninger.

Global Religious Traditions, 1760-1922

Global Religious Traditions, 1760-1922 is an archive of publications profiling the many living traditions outside of Judaism, Christianity and Islam during the 19th and early 20th centuries. This includes Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American traditions, Sikhism, Taoism and more. 

Global Theological Perspectives, 1322-1922

Global Theological Perspectives, 1322-1922 is an archive of publications that cover the various branches of Christian theology. It represents a broad range topics, including Christology, Baptism, Christian ethics, ecclesiology, pneumatology, eschatology and pastoral theology. 

Islam in the Modern World, 1804-1918

Islam in the Modern World, 1804-1918 addresses the beliefs, practices, theology, spirituality, and history of Islam. Content includes biographies of the Prophet Muhammad, works comparing Christianity and Islam, key theological and philosophical texts (including the Quran), relevant mystical and spiritual works, and texts surveying the history of Islam.

Jewish Studies Perspectives, 1800-1918

Jewish Studies Perspectives, 1800-1918 profiles Jewish culture and religious practice in the modern world. The 19th century was a time of great cultural shifts, and the titles here reflect the growth and change of the global Jewish community.

Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611-1922

Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611-1922 is an archive of publications that tell the stories of various Christian missions and missionaries throughout the world. Focusing on the 19th and early 20th centuries, the collection features missions to over 50 countries.

Perspectives on Ancient Civilizations, 1200-1922

Perspectives on Ancient Civilizations, 1200-1922 is an archive of publications related to ancient civilizations and cultures from to the Biblical and Classical periods. It features cultures that existed alongside the Hebrew people and had an influence on the formation of Hebrew scriptures.

Religion and Social Change, 1723-1921

Religion and Social Change, 1723-1921 is an archive of publications that chronicle 19th and 20th century social change movements relating to religion. This includes movements and debates such as abolition, women's rights, questions of church and state, religion and science, evolution and education. 

Religious Leaders and Thinkers, 1516-1922

Religious Leaders and Thinkers, 1516-1922 is an archive of publications featuring biographical materials and historical accounts from the early Christian church. Includes stories of early church leaders, as well as accounts of movements such as Gnosticism, Arianism and Donatism.

Also Available as Two Larger Series:

Atla Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1, Late 13th Century - 1893 contains titles from the late 13th century through the 1893 World Parliament of Religions, with the majority of titles from the 19th century. 

Atla Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2, 1894 - 1922 covers the significant shifts in religious identification of Americans and covers the evangelical movement as well as the debates between science and religion. 

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