EcoMap curates detailed data about all the organizations, resources, opportunities and activity within a library’s ecosystem and organizes it into an up-to-date and easy-to-navigate platform. Libraries can use this hyperlocal search engine to connect community members with the most relevant entrepreneurial resources or social services they need at any given moment.

Launch Marketing Support

The best way to build awareness, generate interest and promote usage of your platform is to have a strong launch. However, this can be difficult if your organization doesn't have the capacity to create and deploy large marketing campaigns. That's why EcoMap offers full-service Launch Marketing Support, where we handle every aspect of the marketing campaigns needed for a successful launch.

This add-on package includes:

  • Pre-launch landing page (select from 3 available templates) to provide information & collect emails
  • Pre-launch social calendar with custom-designed social media content & digital flyers (8 total posts)
  • Pre-launch email drip campaign (6 emails)
  • Pre-launch Ad campaign ($1k budget, included)
  • Launch emails to pre-existing user email lists + bulk user uploads

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