EcoMap curates detailed data about all the organizations, resources, opportunities and activity within a library’s ecosystem and organizes it into an up-to-date and easy-to-navigate platform. Libraries can use this hyperlocal search engine to connect community members with the most relevant entrepreneurial resources or social services they need at any given moment.

EcoMap Platform

Base Platform and Data Assets

High-quality, curated ecosystem data is the backbone of every EcoMap platform. We use proprietary technology to gather, clean, tag and update information about your ecosystem, including organizations, resources, events, jobs and news. All data curated by EcoMap is reviewed by EcoMap’s data team for accuracy, currency and applicability.

You only pay for the data that EcoMap curates. Administrators and users can add unlimited data to your platform. Additionally, you can split up your allocated data assets in any way between Organizations, Resources, Events, Jobs or News.

All EcoMap platforms come with the following features/pages, which can be toggled on/off depending on your preferences:

  • Resource/Organization Directories: Users can search or get matched to specific resources/organizations.
  • User Directory: Users can explore and connect with fellow users of the platform.
  • Keyword Directory: Users can explore all the keywords used across the platform and see which assets map to which keywords.
  • User-Curated Lists: Users can view, create, save, and share personalized lists of ecosystem assets on the platform.
  • Guides: Users can view, create, save and share guides of the ecosystem, combining a blog-like interface with the ability to embed information about platform assets.
  • Events Calendar: Users can discover upcoming events to attend or promote ones they are hosting.
  • News Feed: Users can read, post or filter relevant news articles in the ecosystem.
  • Admin Panel: Using this control panel, administrators can configure many components of their platform, including platform design, data management, site copy, onboarding questions, user permissions and additional settings.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Administrators can view metrics about the platform, including web traffic, popular data assets, user journeys throughout the platform and additional analytics.
A screenshot of EcoMap's platform analytics


Platform Packages

EcoMap offers three platform options for libraries: Starter, Advanced and Expert.

Platform Features Starter Advanced Expert
Minimum number of EcoMap-Curated Data Assets  250 500 1,000
Unlimited User-Generated Data Assets      
Resource Directory      
Organization Directory      
User Directory      
User-Curated Lists      
Keyword Hubs      
Events Calendar      
News Feed      
Admin Panel      
Analytics Dashboard      
Custom Landing Page   Templated Templated
Custom Development & Integrations      


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