EcoMap curates detailed data about all the organizations, resources, opportunities and activity within a library’s ecosystem and organizes it into an up-to-date and easy-to-navigate platform. Libraries can use this hyperlocal search engine to connect community members with the most relevant entrepreneurial resources or social services they need at any given moment.

User Engagement Support

When you invest in a platform, you want to be sure that people can find it and use it. We can help you drive awareness of your platform to both new and returning users through engaging, targeted emails and digital marketing content.

EcoMap’s full-service User Engagement Support allows for the continual marketing and promotion of your platform, even if you don't have the internal capacity or expertise to do so. We are focused on helping your users find your library’s platform, learn how to use it, and keep them coming back over time.

This add-on package includes:

  • Access to template engagement library with designed digital collateral including social posts, flyers, and handouts (template)
  • Configurable user onboarding emails (sequence when users make a profile)
  • Configurable re-engagement emails (sequence to keep users engaged)
  • Custom user onboarding guide (product walkthrough from your EcoMap)
  • Access to 4+ hours of marketing education/consulting from our team

Ready to get started with EcoMap?

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