Move Students Toward Informed Citizenship

Connecting the origins and structure of U.S. government to historical events and issues, American Government engages students in a meaningful investigation of civics and the American political process. Thousands of primary sources including speeches, letters, newspaper articles, political documents, and landmark Supreme Court cases illustrate the complexity of questions and debates surrounding the political process, rights and liberties, and domestic and foreign policy.

Topic Centers Include:

  • Foundations of American Government
  • Legislative Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Rights and Liberties
  • Political Behavior
  • Domestic and Foreign Policy
  • Political and Economic Systems
  • State and Local Government

Designed to Support Curriculum

To meet the needs of curricular standards for American Government courses, this database is aligned with major textbooks as well as state-specific standards and Common Core. In addition, curricular elements are organized by topic, including the three branches of government, rights and liberties, as well as local, state, national and international systems.

This essential resource supports students and teachers researching the history and workings of the U.S. government, from George Washington to the current administration and includes current events coverage that provides trustworthy, unbiased information.


This attractively designed database will help students learn about and become engaged in the political process...Students will enjoy digging into the good content and strategically placed links.

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