Daily Life through History

From ABC-CLIO, Daily Life through History explores ordinary life through time and across the globe, bringing the past to life through details and insights that turn flat descriptions of historical characters into real, “just like me” human beings.

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Content Includes

  • Nearly 6,000 primary and secondary sources, including overview essays, cultural documents, photos, maps, audio/video clips, and statistics
  • More than 200 historical recipes from around the world
  • Information from more than 75 Greenwood single- and multi-volume reference works
  • “Analyze” sections that pose intriguing questions, offer various viewpoints on each topic, and encourage students to form their own opinions
  • Teacher resources and lesson plans for grades 9-12 that are fully correlated to state and National Council for Social Studies standards

Available in both academic and school versions, Daily Life through History supports courses in American history and literature, ties closely to national curricula and standards, and is an outstanding, cross-disciplinary resource for examining historical topics such as food and cooking, celebrations, clothes, romance, work, religion, housing, language, and social customs.