A Fresh Approach to World History and Cultural Studies

Available in both academic and school versions, Daily Life through History supports courses in history and literature, ties closely to national curricula and standards, and is an outstanding, cross-disciplinary resource for examining historical topics. Features include: 

  • Basic and advanced search options to return the most relevant results
  • Standards-based curriculum updated daily by a team of subject-specific editorial experts and supported by an extensive range of instructional material
  • Commentaries from noted scholars that reflect multiple points of view and stimulate critical thinking
  • Academic Success Corner with resources to help student develop reading, writing and research skills
  • Educator Support Site containing valuable professional development tools, curriculum guides, lesson plans and more

Topic Centers Include: 

  • Prehistory: Beginnings to 1000 BCE
  • Egypt and the Near East: 3200–500 BCE
  • Ancient Asia: 3000 BCE–500 CE
  • Ancient Greece: 2000–30 BCE
  • The Byzantine Empire and Russia: 300–1500 CE
  • The Islamic World: 600–1500 CE
  • Africa: 3000 BCE–1500 CE
  • The Americas: 3000 BCE–1500 CE
  • Central and East Asia: 500–1500
  • The Emergence of Modern Europe: 1500–1700
  • The Age of Reason and Revolutions: 1700–1800
  • The World at War: 1914–1945
  • The Cold War Era: 1945–1991
  • A New Millennium: 1991–Present