EBSCO is Open for Research


Tamir Borensztajn, Vice President of SaaS Strategy, discusses EBSCO's commitment to open.

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EBSCO is Open for Research

Ref Link: https://www.ebsco.com/resources/ebsco-open-for-research

Our mission at EBSCO is to transform lives by providing relevant and reliable information when, where, and how people need it. 

We think about the importance of trustworthy information, of how users access, search, choose and use information, and how libraries manage and help disseminate information for the users.

As we support the research workflow and provide access to the world’s scholarly literature - whether traditional or open access literature, open educational resources, open dissertations and much more - we also ensure equitable access to diverse and trustworthy content from across the globe and we look to deliver an effortless, expert search experience for all users no matter who they are, where they're from, or what language they speak.

We at EBSCO support a user journey that is versatile, that crosses devices, that may start in different places, and is personalized in many ways. To support the user’s research journey, we look at the library services that users encounter along the way as well. 

For our library customers, this means having the ability to provide access to those services that best meet their user’s needs and expectations in a constantly changing technology environment. The flexibility therefore that libraries have in managing and extending those services is essential to their communities and to the constituents they serve.

So we are committed to supporting them by ensuring our services can interoperate with the library's applications of choice and we do this by developing and maintaining our software APIs and by supporting evolving industry standards as well.

EBSCO is committed to providing the most trustworthy and comprehensive coverage of information – both open access and traditional – across subject areas with full text searching of journals and books for any user and we are proud to provide the best possible search technology on EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCOhost and enabling the integration of our search and access technologies across many different environments and surfacing the most meaningful results for any query.  

And EBSCO is committed to open source to provide libraries with choice in how software is deployed, supported and extended. 

Today, maybe more than ever before, choice is paramount. EBSCO helps libraries remove barriers and provides choice. 

EBSCO is Open for Research.

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