Q. Why is EBSCO making this money available?

A.EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is a division of EBSCO Industries, Inc. and shares EBSCO Industries’ commitment to the environment. EBSCO Industries, Inc. donates part of its pre-tax profits to worthwhile endeavors and believes that companies should do their part to give back and to be environmentally responsible. EBSCO now has three photovoltaic arrays totaling more than 500 panels.

Q. Who will be reviewing the submissions?

A.EBSCO has worked with a number of solar companies and engineering groups during our own solar upgrades. We will leverage their expertise in solar installation and procurement procedures to assess which libraries have the best plans and which can support a solar array that will make the most impact on their environmental footprint and their utility costs.

Q. Can you provide more detail on QUESTION THREE — EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS?

A.Part of the goal of the grant is to introduce people to solar power and the value of alternative energies. A public library or school might incorporate the installation into a community outreach program or create book displays and reading lists about solar power. A college or university might engage its Environmental Studies or Engineering faculty and students in the project or create ways to engage the student body.

Q. How will the grant money be administered?

A.EBSCO will provide the winning institutions with a check for the full amount of the grant. A grant agreement form will be agreed upon between the winning library and EBSCO and a timetable for the project will be shared.

Q. What is the judging or decision makers’ criteria for selection?

A.There are a number of criteria that will be used to assess the viability of each submission. For instance, a site with a large roof surface and a roof that is new enough to last 20 years would make an excellent candidate. A library that has already started to investigate solar as an option or one that could support a solar array large enough to offset its electricity costs would be viewed favorably. An institution with an existing sustainability program, a plan to involve its patrons or students in the project or high community involvement would also receive consideration.

Q. Are there any restrictions on which libraries can apply for the award?

A.No, there are no restrictions. All academic, school and public libraries that are current EBSCO customers are eligible to apply for the 2019 EBSCO Solar grant program.

Q. Who will ultimately own the system?

A.EBSCO will pay for the initial installation through the grant. The library, town, or college will own the system and will be responsible for all post-installation/ongoing maintenance of the solar array.

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