Update on Turpin Orders

Turpin Distribution, an organization that manages journal and book fulfillment for academic publishers, has recently advised its publisher partners that it is entering administration and intends to begin an orderly wind-down of its operations. EBSCO has been working closely with our contacts at Turpin and each of our affected publisher partners over the last week to ensure we have the most accurate information on how your orders should be handled for 2023. To minimize disruption and confusion, we have held any publisher orders that would go to Turpin while awaiting instructions from each publisher. We hope to have confirmation from each of the impacted publisher partners over the next two weeks on where they prefer EBSCO send orders for the upcoming year. 

If you have urgent orders or service issues/claims for titles where Turpin was the fulfillment, please work directly with your EBSCO Customer Service Representative (who will work directly with the publisher) to determine the required steps for resolution.

For customers currently reviewing 2023 renewals, we encourage you to renew any Turpin-fulfilled titles as you normally would. We will submit these orders to publishers, or to their new fulfillment partners once we have confirmed the appropriate process. 

If you need any further assistance, please contact your EBSCO representative.