Struggling with your e-packages? You’re not alone. Many librarians have told us they spend a lot of time reconciling title lists or tracking title changes, do laborious and frequent follow-ups with publishers to make sure invoicing is timely and correct, and have a tough time ensuring that users can access the correct title lists through all available research tools.

You can overcome these and other challenges when it comes to your e-package concerns. See a few ways EBSCO can help manage e-journal package content.

1. Title List Management

EBSCO can help reconcile an initial title list and ensure the list agreed upon with the publisher is correct so the foundational price is accurate. We can also keep track of when titles move in or out of a collection, and alert the library so that the impact of the change can be reviewed.

2. Invoicing Customizations

EBSCO can provide many invoicing customizations for e-packages. Title-by-title pricing, including fund codes if needed, can be provided for most e-packages. Lump-sum invoicing or a customized division of invoicing can be produced in just about any configuration. All invoices can be loaded via EDI into compatible library systems. Invoices can be provided in a timely manner and prepayment options are available to meet library needs for encumbering funds.

3. Simplified and Streamlined Access

The integration of EBSCO’s management systems with its access tools and databases means instant access to content from multiple points. When you order e-journals and e-packages through EBSCO you enhance the end-user experience through simplified and streamlined access. Our rights-and-identity engine continuously triangulates availability, ownership and location of full text so users get immediate one-click access to e-journal content via SmartLinks+—whether searches originate in our comprehensive databases or EBSCO Discovery Service.

4. Online Renewal

Via a Web-based interface, the EBSCONET® E-package Renewals tool simplifies the e-package renewal process for librarians, institutions and consortia. This tool provides all the information librarians need to view, work and renew collections, enabling them to make effective and efficient renewal decisions and reducing the time spent on renewals. The tool ensures license terms are applied appropriately, assists in identifying titles that must be maintained, allows changes to be made (format, titles, etc.) and provides authority levels/views for multiple libraries or consortia.

5. Instant Access to Data

When you order your e-journals and e-packages through EBSCO, title and pricing data is available in EBSCONET for review and inclusion in reports. In addition, EBSCONET Analytics performs on-the-spot analyses of journal subscriptions and packages and allows you to view results in easy-to-read dashboards. You can also generate detailed reports to share and customize views based on specific priorities and preferences. Customers subscribing to EBSCO’s Usage Consolidation service have the added advantage of including usage data as part of their analytics.

Maximize the value of your e-package content