Incorporate Evidence into Your LMS

Evidence-Based Skills Development Made Easy

Your learning management system (LMS) is the hub of education and skills development for nurses and allied health professionals. Wouldn’t it be great if your evidence-based skills resources could be effortlessly incorporated into your LMS? With EBSCO, it can. By utilizing SCORM packages, skills content from EBSCO’s point-of-care resources can be easily added to any SCORM 1.2-compliant LMS in the form of courses.

Incorporating EBSCO's skills content into you LMS allows users to:

  • Easily search EBSCO's skills topics directly from your LMS
  • Select and enroll in courses that meet their needs
  • Earn continuing education credits for successfully completed courses and view results in your LMS for easy record keeping

EBSCO's Point-of-Care Resources with SCORM 1.2 Functionality Include:

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