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Set students on the path to learning and help faculty adopt and promote earth-friendly resources with EBSCO eBooks.

What Sets EBSCO eBooks Apart?

Wide selection from top educational publishers 

Mobile-ready format supports 1:1 and blended learning programs 

Simultaneous access allows teachers to assign class-wide readings

Trusted collections curated by librarians

Flexible acquisition models and ordering options

Removes access barriers with thousands of DRM-free options

Support On-the-Go Learning with EBSCO Audiobooks

Audiobooks enable young listeners and reluctant readers to experience stories or subjects they might not otherwise attempt in print. 

Cricket Media Digital Collections

Build strong literacy skills in students from Pre-K to 8th grade by offering digital access to award-winning e-books, digital magazines and curriculum guides by Cricket Media. 

Full-Text Database Solutions

Looking for a complete online package? EBSCO offers several database solutions to support classroom success. Ask your EBSCO representative about full-text reference resources for K-8 schools and high schools.


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