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Wide selection from top educational publishers 

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Simultaneous access allows teachers to assign class-wide readings

Trusted collections curated by librarians

Flexible acquisition models and ordering options

Removes access barriers with thousands of DRM-free options

New E-Book Collection on Social Justice Topics

EBSCO librarians have recently created two new e-book collections featuring titles that explore issues of race in America through a variety of social justice-related topics. Click below to browse titles in EBSCOhost Collection Manager.
*Market and territory restrictions may apply.

See titles in the Antiracist Reading Youth Collection

New E-Book Subject Sets are Available Now!

Meet the evolving needs of researchers and save time finding e-books that cover specific disciplines with Subject Sets. These highly curated sets of e-books are assembled by librarians and contain e-books published within the past two years with no duplication among current or past subject sets.

girl listening to an audiobook by a lake

Support On-the-Go Learning with EBSCO Audiobooks

Audiobooks enable young listeners and reluctant readers to experience stories or subjects they might not otherwise attempt in print. 

girl listening to an audiobook by a lake

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