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Wide selection of e-books for public libraries

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Removes access barriers with thousands of DRM-free options

The Big Stretch eBook on tablet

McGraw Hill E-Books Are Available Now

Now academic, school and public libraries can add popular EBSCO eBooks from McGraw Hill on a variety of subjects for all educational levels from PreK-12 to PhD as well as e-books to enhance professional growth and development.

The Big Stretch eBook on tablet
Research Methodology in Food Science eBook on tablet

New and Recently Updated EBSCO eBooks Collections

The EBSCO Collection Development team kicks off 2021 with dozens of new e-book collections for libraries. Browse new and updated collections available through EBSCO eBooks.

Research Methodology in Food Science eBook on tablet

Introducing the New Interactive EBSCO eBooks E-Brochure

Considering adding EBSCO eBooks to your digital collection? Use this interactive brochure to learn about the different types of e-book collections available through EBSCO. It also offers industry stats, ordering options and describes how EBSCO is working toward e-book accessibility for all users.


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