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Promotion & Training

Looking to promote Explora in your library? Visit EBSCO Connect for handouts, posters, bookmarks, social media kits and other materials and to spread the word to your students and faculty. Free lesson plans integrating Explora are available to download.

Our training specialists are library educators who provide online and onsite training on a variety of topics and features. EBSCO Academy also offers instructor-led recordings on Explora.

Librarians can also find on-demand tutorials, user guides and other support material on EBSCO Connect.

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Explora Willard Intermediate School Image
Explora Willard Intermediate School Image

"I love Explora. It’s my go-to resource. I tell students to start with Explora, because it’s easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for than in the other non-EBSCO databases that we have." 

— Crissy Casey, Librarian Willard Intermediate School

Explora Bedford High School Image
Explora Bedford High School Image

“Explora has a nice, slick interface that’s intuitive and simple to use."

— Jessica Gilcreast, Librarian, Bedford High School

teaching research information literacy image
teaching research information literacy image

"With Explora, students get reputable and reliable sources at their fingertips."

— Andrew Rodenberg, Grade 5 Teacher, Gracemor Elementary School

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