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Dedicated Explora interfaces are available for primary schools, secondary schools and public libraries. Each provides unique, age-appropriate content and an optimized search experience for a variety of EBSCO databases and database packages, such as those listed below, as well as other popular EBSCO resources (e.g., EBSCO eBooks).

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Video Content

Our school database packages also come with more than 75,000 videos from the Associated Press, the world’s leading news agency. Top videos related to the user’s search will appear on the first page of Explora search results, along with an option to view all relevant videos.

Explora Willard Intermediate School Image
Explora Willard Intermediate School Image

"I love Explora. It’s my go-to resource. I tell students to start with Explora, because it’s easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for than in the other non-EBSCO databases that we have." 

— Crissy Casey, Librarian Willard Intermediate School

Explora Bedford High School Image
Explora Bedford High School Image

“Explora has a nice, slick interface that’s intuitive and simple to use."

— Jessica Gilcreast, Librarian, Bedford High School

teaching research information literacy image
teaching research information literacy image

"With Explora, students get reputable and reliable sources at their fingertips."

— Andrew Rodenberg, Grade 5 Teacher, Gracemor Elementary School

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