Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas

From ABC-CLIO, Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas is an irresistible yet authoritative online resource that covers popular culture in America, both past and present—in a package as dynamic as the topic it covers.

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Content Includes

  • Expanded "Decades" pages, each with an overview essay followed by 14 subject-specific essays that coincide with the 14 content subjects found on the Advanced Search page
  • More than 3,500 entries adapted, updated, and re-edited from award-winning content from ABC-CLIO, Greenwood, and Praeger books
  • Hundreds of photos and images capturing all aspects of pop culture
  • Ongoing updates throughout the school year—at no additional cost

Subjects Include

  • Advertising and Consumer Culture
  • American Idol
  • Barbie
  • Betty White
  • Betty Crocker
  • The Grateful Dead
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Social Media

Built on hundreds of award-winning titles for all levels of researchers, Pop Culture Universe provides a safe haven for investigating topics that appeal to students—without the bias, advertising, suggestive content, or questionable authorship of commercial or fan sites.

Classrooms and Library Integration

More and more, professors and librarians are using elements of pop culture (film, television, music, technology, sports, etc.) in their classroom and research activities. Available in both academic and school versions, Pop Culture Universe harnesses the universal appeal of pop culture and history to engage young minds, promote information literacy, and greatly enrich and modernize any school or public library.

The database provides more than 300 volumes of authoritative, published content—thousands of articles fully indexed by a team of librarians and subject specialists. Content is vetted, regularly checked, and regularly updated, and new content is added yearly.

Highlights Include: 

  • Decades pages that provide fun and informative overviews of pop cultures through the decades, including movies, TV shows, awards, box office stars, fads, fashion, news items, etc.
  • Stories section that offers informative, at-a-glance articles focused on describing major events and trends in pop culture from the 1900s to the present, from the Gibson Girls of the Gilded Age to the social media of the 2000s
  • Analyze section that guides users through the hot topics and key questions in pop culture, from advertising in 1950s America to the effects of rapidly changing technology on our communities
  • Skills Center that provides proprietary research tutors and wizard to help students and researchers sharpen their skills. Also provides lesson plans and a reading room featuring full text professional titles from Libraries Unlimited