EBSCO Electronic Resource Management in FOLIO

Manage the entire lifecycle of your electronic resources in FOLIO with EBSCO Electronic Resource Management (ERM). EBSCO ERM integrates with the EBSCO Knowledge Base to remove manual entry and duplication of work.


Readily manage your electronic resources with EBSCO ERM in FOLIO

  • Find providers, packages and titles
  • Easily add packages to your holdings
  • Readily view and update contacts, notes, licenses and agreements
  • Enjoy the direct integration with the EBSCO KB to auto-populate key information including your local holdings

FOLIO Library Services from EBSCO

EBSCO offers a suite of services for libraries who want to run FOLIO in a cost-efficient way, but don’t have the resources to host or the staff to support the library services platform. Services include:

  • Implementation
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Professional services
Learn more about FOLIO Library Services from EBSCO

Ready to get started?

No need for a full FOLIO set up. You can start any time with EBSCO ERM in FOLIO.