The Finest Scholarly Resources for Philosophers

Considered the most thorough index of journal literature on the subject, The Philosopher’s Index features author-written abstracts covering scholarly research published in journals and books, including contributions to anthologies and book reviews.

Offering high-quality indexed records, The Philosopher’s Index covers all fields of philosophy and related disciplines and features research published since 1940. The publications covered in this comprehensive database hail from 139 countries and appear in 37 languages.

Prepared by and for Philosophers

  • Relevant data: philosophers pre-screen potential source documents for their relevance to the field of philosophy to minimize extraneous data
  • Consistent indexing: a small team of twelve philosophers index the work using a custom, standardized thesaurus. Keywords are assigned for all records (except book reviews) using the standardized thesaurus, which contains more than 18,000 subject headings and 47,000 names of philosophers
  • Consistent data entry: The Philosopher's Index staff enters all data into the database
  • Unique data: staff performs a check for duplicate records and removes duplicates
  • High-quality data: enables high-quality search results

Subjects Include

  • Aesthetics
  • Axiology
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Logic
  • Meta-philosophy
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophical anthropology
  • Philosophy of education
  • Philosophy of history
  • Philosophy of language
  • Philosophy of religion
  • Philosophy of science
  • Political philosophy
  • Social philosophy