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STM Source is the most complete full-text database designed specifically for research and development (R&D) teams, product management and engineers. It includes thousands of journals, magazines, reports and other sources to drive innovation in many industries, including agriculture, energy, biotechnology, manufacturing and engineering. 

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Subject Area: Research & Development
Ideal For: CorporationsGovernment

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Content Includes

  • More than 2,300 active full-text, non-open access journals, including nearly 2,100 active full-text, non-open access peer-reviewed journals
  • More than 24 million records with subject headings from an extensive thesaurus
  • Abstracts from more than 9,600 publications including journals, monographs, reports and conference proceedings
  • Searchable cited references for more than 770 journals
  • Daily updates

Subjects Include

  • Agricultural science
  • Aircraft and aviation
  • Astronomy and astrophysics
  • Biological science
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • Defense and military
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Environmental studies
  • Food science
  • Forestry
  • Geology
  • Information technology
  • Marine science
  • Mathematics
  • Medical science
  • Pharmaceutical science
  • Physics
  • Veterinary science

The Information Solution for Research and Development

STM Source provides access to vital information to drive innovation. Titles include industry-leading academic journals, magazines, reports, books and monographs, trade publications and other valuable sources. Cover-to-cover full text includes images, tables, charts and other graphical content.