Covering Every Aspect of Food and Nutrition

FSTA with Full Text covers topics relating to every aspect of food and nutrition including all major food and drink commodities and related life and pure sciences, plus:

  • Food products
  • Food processing
  • Food safety
  • Food spoilage
  • Biotechnology
  • Pet Foods

The active full-text journal retail value (USD) of FSTA with Full Text is $190,330.13.

Active Full-Text Journals by Country/Region
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Western Europe
Americas: 29
Australia & New Zealand: 6
Central & Eastern Europe: 33
Far East: 19
Middle East & North Africa: 10
Sub-Saharan Africa: 6
Western Europe: 137

About IFIS

FSTA (Food Science and Technology Abstracts) is managed by a team of expert scientists within IFIS, a not-for-profit academic publishing organization with an ongoing commitment to:

  • Supporting those studying and working in the sciences of food and health by making it easier to access industry-specific information that can be trusted.
  • Preserving integrity and accuracy in the fields of food and beverages.
  • Furthering learning and development in
    the sciences of food and health across
    the world.

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