Covering Every Aspect of Food and Nutrition

In addition to the core areas of food science, food technology and nutrition, FSTA with Full Text includes food-focused content across a host of related fields, including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Food safety
  • Omics technologies
  • Pet foods
  • Sport science
  • Sustainability

The active full-text, non-open access journal retail value (USD) of FSTA with Full Text is $165,617.95.

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Western Europe: 161

Unique Full-Text Journals

FSTA with Full Text includes 208 active full-text journals not available in any version of Academic Search.

About IFIS

FSTA (Food Science and Technology Abstracts) is managed by a team of expert scientists within IFIS, a not-for-profit academic publishing organization with an ongoing commitment to:

  • Supporting those studying and working in the sciences of food and health by making it easier to access industry-specific information that can be trusted.
  • Preserving integrity and accuracy in the fields of food and beverages.
  • Furthering learning and development in
    the sciences of food and health across
    the world.