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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) provides a single portal through which library patrons can search their institution’s resources as well as content EBSCO provides for discoverability. If a library subscribes to your publications, the patron can view the content on EDS. If the library does not subscribe, the patron is made aware of your publication by being presented with its bibliographic data and will visit your site directly for ordering details or request that the library subscribe or purchase the item.

FAQs for EBSCO Discovery Service

  • What is the best link syntax?


    There’s no set syntax that works with all content and for all publishers, but here are some general guidelines:

    Direct links that go from EDS to the same record on your platform are ideal. Links that rely on going to your site and running a search are not.

    • DOI can be a very reliable method for linking, but should not be used alone since not all metadata records matching the publication may contain a DOI. See “Link Flexibility” for more information.
    • Likewise, persistent or durable URLs are the most accurate but should not be used alone. See “Link Flexibility” for more information.
    • Article/chapter-level linking is ideal, but if not available, journal/book-level linking may be acceptable.
    • Many sites now accept OpenURL, which uses standard article metadata in order to connect to and from different locations. See some of the more common elements used in OpenURL in the EDS Publisher Linking Recommendations document in the Quick Links on this page.

  • What is a CustomLink?


    CustomLinks are an EBSCO feature that dynamically creates links from an EDS search result to related information on another web site. CustomLinks allow the library to provide seamless integration of the user’s EDS session with the library’s online subscriptions, link resolver, or other web-based services.

    CustomLinks use specific metadata in the EDS record, such as author, journal name, ISSN, or title, to construct the link. The accuracy of the link will depend on the quality of the record’s metadata and your platform’s ability to accept the link.

    For more information about CustomLinks, please view the EDS Publisher Linking Recommendations document in the Quick Links section.

  • Can you accept hard copy for EBSCO Discovery Service?


    We only accept digitized content for use in EBSCO Discovery Service. 

  • Why do you need my full text for EBSCO Discovery Service?


    Please provide the full text of your publication for EBSCO Discovery Service. We need your full text in order to make it key word searchable. We do not display this full text; it is only used internally to ensure your content will be as discoverable as possible. 

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