Publisher Support

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) provides a single portal through which library patrons can search their institution’s resources as well as content EBSCO provides for discoverability. If a library subscribes to your publications, the patron can view the content on EDS. If the library does not subscribe, the patron is made aware of your publication by being presented with its bibliographic data and will visit your site directly for ordering details or request that the library subscribe or purchase the item.

FAQs for EBSCO Discovery Service

  • Can you accept hard copy for EBSCO Discovery Service?


    We only accept digitized content for use in EBSCO Discovery Service. 

  • Why do you need my full text for EBSCO Discovery Service?


    Please provide the full text of your publication for EBSCO Discovery Service. We need your full text in order to make it key word searchable. We do not display this full text; it is only used internally to ensure your content will be as discoverable as possible.