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We serve the needs of publishers by providing hundreds of databases to end-users in all markets and for all subjects. EBSCOhost databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources in libraries. EBSCOhost receives millions of hits per day through a user-friendly, comprehensive search experience for every researcher.

Proven Success

EBSCO is the world’s largest intermediary between libraries and publishers, helping to drive awareness of publisher content by providing an intuitive platform for direct access to information for end-users. EBSCO partners with thousands of publishers and content providers to license hundreds of thousands of titles and have a 99% renewal rate with our publisher partners. Our content provides global reach, with tens of thousands of library customers and millions of users worldwide.

Our Databases

EBSCO offers hundreds of research databases. These databases are collections of indexed digital journal and magazine articles, which are grouped according to subject area. Our database platforms are intuitive and user-friendly, offering extensive browsing, searching and saving options. When you license your content to EBSCO, our dedicated content management teams will load it into applicable databases. All content is indexed through a meticulous editorial process before being made available to institutional subscribers.

To learn about our multiple markets and database offerings, read more about our research databases.


Increase Journal Usage

Because they complement EBSCO databases, we continually promote journal subscriptions. Our database content supplements existing library journal subscriptions, expanding access to important publications already in a library’s print or e-journal collection.

Improve Brand Awareness

By partnering with EBSCO, publishers can improve brand awareness. EBSCO’s skilled sales team possesses a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of our library customers in all areas of research, meaning publisher partners can rely on us to introduce their content to underutilized markets.

"Being part of EBSCO has increased our audience and impact, and helped us in building the brand of our Journal. We are very satisfied by the EBSCO services and what EBSCO has to offer, as well as the professionalism of its staff. At this time, we are just a part of the EBSCO’s aggregated database, but in the near future we shall use more of its attractive services (Flipster and Discovery)."

– Macedonian Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

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