Why Partner?

With seven decades of experience as an intermediary between publishers, technology providers and libraries, you can trust EBSCO to be a dedicated global sales partner. Through our wide-range of product lines and content types, there are many ways to partner with us. 


EBSCO’s resources are available in hundreds of thousands of institutions worldwide and reach millions of users daily. By maintaining and growing our services, we support the common interests of our partners. We offer our partners and associates:

  • An experienced sales team who demonstrates a thorough understanding of the needs and concerns of our customers
  • The ability to increase usage of your products in existing and potential markets through exposure to a more diverse user base
  • Options for supplemental and new revenue channels through the repurposing and repackaging of your existing offerings

A Dedicated Sales Team

EBSCO’s sales power is a great asset to our partners. EBSCO staffs hundreds of sales professionals worldwide who specialize in working with specific library types. This allows each representative to have a keen understanding of the needs and concerns of our customers in all areas of research, reference and study.

Our sales team has a deep knowledge of the industry and the needs of the customers we serve. As an example, we have many librarians on staff who work in the capacity of sales representatives, customer account specialists, trainers, and more. 

Multiple Markets

We serve the information needs of thousands of customers ranging from academic and public libraries, schools, government institutions and corporations, to healthcare and medical institutions. We strive to stay informed of growing trends in the markets we serve.

Financial Stability

EBSCO’s commitment to our customers and understanding of their needs has contributed to our success and growth in the information industry for over 75 years. Forbes magazine ranks EBSCO as one of the top 200 largest privately-held companies in the United States. Read more about EBSCO's financial stability

Interested in partnering with EBSCO?