Publisher Support

Technical Specifications

Preferred File Formats:

WebReady PDF 1.5 or later, created with Adobe Acrobat version 4.0 (minimum) or higher
  • Submit files free of encryption, password protection, or any security features applied in Acrobat. 
  • If the cover is not included in the PDF, send the cover separately as a JPG.
  • EPUBs must meet the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) standard for version 2.0.1.
  • Cover must be embedded in file as first image.


FAQs for eBooks

  • What is a FTP site?


    FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol” and is an internet site where you a network protocol that allows you to transfer computer files from your local sever to an FTP server. It is easy to use and is the most efficient way to send data to EBSCO. We will supply you with FTP login credentials (the host URL, username and password). You can log-in, and then drag and drop your PDFs onto the FTP folder.

    These files will be mirrored to EBSCO’s server and our Content Management team will retrieve them for processing.

    For instructions on how to use FTP, please refer to the Quick Links section on this page.

  • How do I notify EBSCO if there are updates or changes to my previously delivered ISBNs?


    Please email your original metadata and corrections to your direct PCM contact or to  email eBook PCM.

  • How do I obtain a report of all of my titles available on EBSCO’s platform?


    Please submit your request through our Publisher Contact Form. For the quickest response, please be sure to include as many details as possible related to the request.

  • How do I adjust the price of my eBook or audiobook?


    In order to update your prices, please submit a metadata update to our FTP using our metadata template or ONIX. Please include all of the information required when submitting metadata for a completely new title. For efficient processing, the metadata file should include “update” in the naming convention, for example: EBSCO-Oct_2013_Update.xlsx.

  • How do I reinstate a title on EBSCO's platform?


    In order to reinstate a title you’ve previously withdrawn from sale, please notify your direct PCM contact or submit your request through our Publisher Contact Form

  • How do I get information about payments or royalties?


    Please submit your request through our Publisher Contact Form. For the quickest response, please be sure to include the month/quarter for which you would like sales information. Please also note that sales reports are only generated when a sale is made.

  • I am interested in announcing my partnership with EBSCO.


    Thank you for your partnership! Please see our promotional site for logos, marketing brochures, and additional support information.

  • Where can I find technical support for EBSCOhost?


    If you are having difficulty accessing our databases at a subscribing institution with a username and password, or have a security concern, please contact your system administrator or view our technical support site.

  • Can you provide me with access to view my titles on EBSCOhost?


    Open access to our databases is not available; therefore we are not able to provide a direct link to publisher content on EBSCOhost. For more information, please email our Content Licensing Group. 

  • I would like to review a copy of my contract or have a question about my licensing agreement.


    If you have any questions relating to your licensing agreement, please notify your EBSCO business contact or email our Content Licensing Group. 

  • Where can I find help if I am experiencing difficulty using your FTP?


    Please visit our eBook & Audiobook FTP Instructions in the Quick Links for detailed information about using our FTP. If you need assistance with your username and password, please submit a request for this information through our Publisher Contact Form.

  • How do I submit a replacement file if there is a problem with my original submission?


    Replacement files should be labeled with “_replacement” in the file name if possible and delivered to our FTP. If using Title Track, please list replacement file details in the submission notes section when creating a submission. If using the FTP site, please email replacement file details to your PCM contact or to eBook PCM.

  • How do I make updates to my metadata?


    Please make updates to your metadata in an ONIX or Excel file and load to our FTP. Please include full record information for each title being updated. For efficient processing, the metadata file should include “update” in the naming convention, for example: EBSCO_Oct_2013_Update.xlsx.

  • The print edition of my book already has an ISBN. Can I use the same ISBN for my eBook?


    The print ISBN is associated with the print format of the title. A unique electronic ISBN (eISBN) for electronic format eBooks is required. 

  • Do I need an eISBN for all of my eBooks?


    Yes, we require a unique electronic ISBN (eISBN) for all eBooks. 

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