Publisher Support

Technical Specifications

Preferred File Formats:


paired with  

PDF 1.5 or later

  • If created with Adobe Acrobat, Adobe version should be version 5.0 (minimum) or higher.
  • We do NOT accept image-only PDFs, i.e., pages that are scanned or for which images are embedded into the PDF.
  • Submit files free of encryption, password protection, or any security features applied in Acrobat. 

For detailed information about formatting specifications and delivery standards, please see our Journal Content Delivery Guidelines in the Quick Links.

FAQs for Journals & Periodicals

  • How can I learn more about creating XML?


    Please check out our XML learning resources in the "Quick Links" section of this page. If you are in need of help getting started or optimizing your XML/Digital-first workflow solution, please feel free to reach out to the providers listed below* who will be happy to assist you. And as always, you can reach out to us at EBSCO
    *Resources should not be considered officially endorsed by EBSCO and are provided for informational purposes only.

    XML Service Providers & Consultants

    -Journal Services at Lumina Datamatics

    Sendil Mourougane, Director Business Development

    -Aptara Inc.​

    Fabian F. Torres, Senior Director, Business Development, Aptara Inc.

    -MPL Creative Group: Consulting business focusing on workflow development, content management systems, for digital and print media

    -PurpleGray works collaboratively with publishers to develop and implement a customized content-first workflow that generates digital and print products across multiple channels including XML.

    Kilian Schalk, founder

  • What is an FTP site?


    FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol.” It is easy to use and is the most efficient way to send data to EBSCO. We will supply you with FTP login credentials (the host URL, username, and password). You can log-in, and then drag and drop your PDFs onto the FTP folder.

    These files will be mirrored to EBSCO’s server and our Content Management team will retrieve them for processing.

    If your company has its own consistent FTP location where we can retrieve new files, you can arrange for us to pull your ebooks from that location. 

    For instructions on how to use FTP, please refer to the Content Delivery Guidelines document found in the Quick Links section on this page.

  • I am interested in announcing my partnership with EBSCO.


    Thank you for your partnership! Please see our promotional site for logos, marketing brochures, and additional support information.

  • Can you provide me with access to view my titles on EBSCOhost?


    Open access to our databases is not available; therefore we are not able to provide a direct link to publisher content on EBSCOhost. For more information, please email our Content Licensing Group. 

  • When and where will my content appear on EBSCOhost?


    For questions regarding the status of your title(s) on EBSCOhost, please feel free to contact our Content Licensing Group

  • What if there has been a change to my title’s publication schedule, title name, or publisher?


    Please notify us of any changes to your publication by emailing your regular EBSCO data contact or submitting a notification through the Publisher Contact Form.

  • I would like to review a copy of my contract or have a question about my licensing agreement.


    If you have any questions relating to your licensing agreement, please notify your EBSCO business contact or email our Content Licensing Group. 

  • I am already a publisher partner seeking to license additional titles with EBSCO.


    Thank you for your interest in partnering with EBSCO.  If you are seeking a new partnership agreement with EBSCO, please email us and indicate the following: Publication type, ISSN number, issue count, website address, email address, and subscription cost (if applicable). Please also attach a sample issue for our review.

  • How do I change my delivery format or method?


    If you would like to change your delivery format or method of sending, please notify us through the Publisher Contact Form or send an email to your regular data contact at EBSCO.

  • How do I know EBSCO received my content?


    Our automated processing system integrates all newly uploaded data automatically from the FTP.

  • How does EBSCO know when to download new content from my website?


    Our processing team periodically checks for new content according to your publication schedule.

  • Where can I find help if I am experiencing difficulty using the FTP?


    Please see our Full-text FTP Instructions in the Quick Links for help using EBSCO’s FTP site.

  • What if I already deliver content through a third party aggregator?


    We accept most aggregators’ standard feed formats. Please let us know if you already work with a third party distributor and let the distributor know to add your content to their regular EBSCO delivery feed.

  • How do I send replacement files or "special issues" to EBSCO?


    If you need to submit a replacement file due to a problem with your original submission, or if you have released a “special issue”, please send the content through your established delivery method. Please be sure to label files appropriately as “_replacement” or “special issue”. Please also notify us via the Publisher Contact Form or through your normal data contact at EBSCO.

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