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Technical Specifications

Preferred File Formats:

Our EBSCO Integrated Knowledge Base serves as the foundation of the discovery solution ensuring the data about your e-journals, eBooks and collections are shared among multiple products such as Full Text Finder (EBSCO’s A-to-Z listing service and Link Resolver), Usage Consolidation, ERM-E and our Holdings Management tool. To ensure EBSCO has the most up-to-date information, please send title list information on a regular basis.

  • Excel
  • Tab Delimited Text
  • CSV
  • MARC
  • XML

FAQs for Knowledge Base

  • What are the data elements required for monographs?


    • Title of the monograph (required)
    • Author(s)
    • Publisher
    • ISBN and Online ISBN
    • Publication date
    • URL (required, with a URL linked directly to title level preferred)
    • Document type (e.g. book, audio book, streaming video, etc.)

  • What are the data elements required for serials?


    • Title of the serial (required)
    • ISSN and Online ISSN
    • Publisher
    • Coverage begin and end date (required for journals, leave blank if coverage is to present)
    • Beginning volume and issue
    • Ending volume and issue
    • Embargo units (e.g. days, weeks, months)
    • Embargo value
    • URL (required, with a URL linked directly to title level preferred)
    • Document type (e.g. journal, conference proceeding, etc.)

  • I already work with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), why should I also work with the Knowledge Base?


    Both the Discovery Service and the Knowledge Base are part of the EBSCO Discovery Solution, but different types of data are required. EDS typically needs more granular data and the Knowledge Base only requires title level information.

  • We offer several collections, how should title lists be supplied?


    Please submit a separate file for each collection, or an all-inclusive list with a column for filtering by collection.

  • When changes are made, should an entire file be sent or only the changes?


    For eBook collections, we will accept ‘change files’ that include only titles added, titles removed, and updates to existing titles. For journal and database collections, a file containing all available titles is preferred.

  • What changes qualify for an update to be sent?


    Please notify us if you have any of the following changes: new title, title removed from site, additional backfile content added, a new collection available.

  • How often should title lists be sent?


    Please send updates as often as changes are made to your content (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc).

  • What is “KBART”?


    KBART is a recommended practice for formatting and distributing title lists. To view a sample, click here.

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