Corporate Learning

Building soft skills and strengthening leadership and management skills are essential for seasoned employees as well as those just entering the workforce. The resources found in Accel5 help employees excel in the workplace. 



Accel5 helps develop critical skills in 5 minutes or less. Business book summaries, videos and articles from top business thinkers will help employees keep up with the latest business trends and accelerate their careers. 

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Accel5 Videos

Accel5 includes concise, actionable videos presented by the top minds in business, including best-selling authors, professors, executives and entrepreneurs. 


Accel5 Book Summaries

Text and audio summaries of thousands of business books help you build skills and keep current with best practices that can be put into practice immediately.


Accel5 Articles

Insightful articles about management, teamwork and leadership are curated from leading business and training journals, and are added every week to Accel5.