Corporate Social Responsibility

EBSCO is a company with a conscience. From green initiatives to partnerships with local charities, we have positively impacted customers, employees and the community at large.

Our Initiatives

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We contribute positive changes at the office including hosting multiple blood drives, recycling, collections for local nonprofits and corporate races to raise awareness.

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We work with and donate to more  than 25 local charities, schools and organizations, sponsor local hospitals, volunteer time and provide free educational resources.

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We support sustainability with electric car charging stations, hybrid company cars, 100% recycled paper products, solar energy and a Certified Green cafeteria.


We believe alternative energy strategies are worth supporting. If we can help libraries  to consider or move forward with plans to go solar, we see this as a worthwhile activity to invest in.

Tim Collins

— Tim Collins, President
EBSCO Information Services

Human Rights

EBSCO is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our corporate activities and our supply chains.

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