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Applied Science & Technology Full Text   ·  Full Text

Applied Science & Technology Full Text is a foundational research database providing access to full-text journals covering a wide variety of STEM disciplines, including artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, plastics, hydroponics, chemical engineering and robotics. 

Applied Science & Technology Index

Applied Science & Technology Index provides indexing for hundreds of peer-reviewed journals covering a wide variety of interdisciplinary applied science fields, including civil engineering, aeronautics, computers and informatics.

Applied Science & Technology Source   ·  Full Text

This database offers a diverse array of full-text and indexed content covering the full spectrum of the applied sciences and computing disciplines — from acoustics to aeronautics, neural networks to nuclear engineering. 

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete   ·  Full Text

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete is a full-text database covering computing, technology and engineering disciplines. It is especially useful to researchers studying the business and social implications of new technology. 

Energy & Power Source   ·  Full Text

Energy & Power Source is the premier full-text database of energy and power industry-related content. It provides top journals and magazines focused on petroleum, natural gas, electric power, coal, nuclear power and renewable energy. It also features benchmarks and best practices from top industry players worldwide.

Engineering Source   ·  Full Text

Engineering Source is the premier database for professionals and researchers across all engineering disciplines, including biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental and software. It includes hundreds of full-text engineering journals, magazines and trade publications, plus books, conference papers and more.   


This database contains more than two million descriptive summaries of papers and titles that NTIS (National Technical Information Service) has received from the government since 1964.

Petroleum Abstracts TULSA Database

Stay current with Petroleum Abstracts TULSA Database, the petroleum industry's preeminent information resource for coverage of exploration and production-related scientific and technical knowledge.

Polymer Library

This is the world's largest abstracts database dedicated to plastics, rubber, polymer composites and adhesives. Published by the expert team at WTI-Frankfurt-digital, this database contains information from journals, conference proceedings, books and reports.

Shock & Vibration Digest

This bibliographic database provides records covering essential areas related to shock and vibration. Topics include noise, vibration technologies, seismology, experimental mechanics, engineering and other relevant areas. 

Textile Technology Complete   ·  Full Text

This full-text database covers the scientific and technological aspects of textile production and processing. Formerly the Institute of Textile Technology's Textile Technology Digest, this resource traces the body of knowledge in textile science and technology back to the early 20th century.

Textile Technology Index

Providing extensive coverage of the scientific and technological aspects of textile production and processing, Textile Technology Index traces the body of knowledge in textile science and technology as far back as the early years of the 20th century.

World Textiles

Distinguished by its international coverage of scientific, trade, technical and economic publications, this bibliographic database covers decades of information relating to developments and innovations in the textile industry. 

Historical Digital Archives

Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective: 1913-1983

Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective is an archive of citations covering the history of business and industry between 1913 and 1983. It contains millions of records offering a rich account of technological advances, business strategies, company profiles, iconic executives and scientists and more.

Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective: 1913-1983

Containing millions of citations, Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective is an archive index covering important historical scientific studies and discoveries between 1913 and 1983. Indexing and citations include book reviews and the complete files of Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957). 

Inspec Archive - Science Abstracts 1898-1968

Produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Inspec Archive – Science Abstracts 1898-1968 is a leading bibliographic archive covering 70 years of international scientific and technical literature. Abstracts cover physics, electrical engineering, electronics, computing and control engineering.

eBook Collections

EBSCO eBooks ITCore Subscription Collection

Give employees access to high-quality information technology books. This e-book collection helps professionals broaden their knowledge of the IT industry to help support decision-making, inform product design and promote best practices.

EBSCO eBooks EngineeringCore Subscription Collection

Give employees access to high-quality engineering e-books. This e-book collection helps professionals broaden their knowledge of the engineering industry to help support decision-making, facilitate product design and implement industry best practices.