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GOBI Library Solutions supports corporate libraries with collection development, providing print books and e-books on a wide range of business topics. Whether for leisure reading or professional development, let GOBI Library Solutions help you get the books you need.

Acquisition & Ordering

GOBI is a tool that supports selection, collaboration and acquisition for individual libraries and members of consortia or buying groups. In addition to print books from thousands of top academic publishers, GOBI users can also order from the widest range of e-book publishers and aggregators all in one place.

Our robust linking ensures that we know all versions of a title, so we can alert you of duplicates automatically across all acquisition models and formats. In addition, our visibility into your library’s historical purchases and order details make our duplication control that much stronger.

Save time with GOBI’s duplication control, workflow support and cataloging records.

E-Book Acquisition Options

  • Title-by-title firm ordering 
  • eApproval plans  
  • Demand-driven acquisitions (DDA)  
  • eSeries 
  • eCollections delivered on the publisher’s platform  
  • Evidence-based acquisition (EBA) delivered on the publisher’s platform

Additional E-Book Services

E-Books in Minutes: E-books are available within minutes after ordering from a growing list of partners, including EBSCO eBooks, Taylor & Francis and more.  

DRM-Free E-Books: GOBI offers the most DRM-free e-book options in one place. Find more than 1 million e-books available DRM-free from aggregator and publisher platforms. 

Print Book Acquisition Options

  • Title-by-title firm ordering
  • Approval plans 
  • Awards programs 
  • Series 
  • Rush order service (US) 
  • Out-of-print and out-of-stock books 

Additional Acquisition Services

GobiExport and Electronic Order Confirmation Record (EOCR) Service: Receive pre-order and post-order MARC records from your GOBI orders that you can upload to your local system, saving time and preventing errors. OCLC records are available with EOCR Plus Service. 

Electronic Invoicing: We support electronic invoicing via MARC records and many EDI formats, meeting international standards for compliance. View invoices and statements in GOBI or choose to receive invoices via email. 

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