GOBI Library Solutions

GOBI Library Solutions supports corporate libraries with collection development, providing print books and e-books on a wide range of business topics. Whether for leisure reading or professional development, let GOBI Library Solutions help you get the books you need.

Publisher Partnerships

GOBI Library Solutions partners with thousands of publishers to connect the highest quality content with libraries worldwide. We work with:

  • Large academic publishers
  • University presses
  • Trade publishers
  • Specialty publishers
  • And more

By including a vast range of publishers in GOBI, we make sure that you get the books you need, no matter how unique or specialized.

And because we partner with top e-book publishers and aggregators, you can choose the platform and access model you want and select from hundreds of thousands of DRM-free e-books.

We’re always expanding our content partnerships, working together to design solutions that simplify e-book acquisitions. 

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