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GOBI Library Solutions supports corporate libraries with collection development, providing print books and e-books on a wide range of business topics. Whether for leisure reading or professional development, let GOBI Library Solutions help you get the books you need.

Collection Development

GOBI Library Solutions Collection Development Managers work with you to help understand your collection development goals and provide the best solution.  

Make the best collection development decision

Best-in-class proprietary bibliographic metadata is developed by GOBI Library Solutions profilers—subject-matter experts who sit with book-in-hand (or book-on-screen) to generate enhanced title-level data. This data provides deeper connections, helpful context and evaluative guidance to support collection development.

Title-level metadata, along with the library’s approval plan, profiling decision support questions, and GOBI’s duplication control and title linking all come together to drive approval plan decisions. 

Collect titles based on your library’s goals and preferences

Approval plans help you acquire books that match your library’s profile, goals and preferences. Our industry-leading profiling process and rich metadata are the foundation of our approval plans and help you make more informed collection development decisions.

Choose to receive books through a variety of print and digital outputs, including automatic shipments, selection lists of matching titles, demand-driven acquisitions (DDA) and more.  

Save time finding recommended print books and e-books

Spotlight Lists are curated selection lists that feature librarian-recommended e-books and print books. Subscribe, browse what’s new, acquire whole lists or select which titles you want.

Spotlight List categories include:

  • Award Winners & Reviews
  • DRM-Free
  • Subject-Focused Lists
  • Core Titles
  • Health Science
  • Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Popular Fiction & Nonfiction
  • And more

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