GOBI Library Solutions

GOBI Library Solutions supports corporate libraries with collection development, providing print books and e-books on a wide range of business topics. Whether for leisure reading or professional development, let GOBI Library Solutions help you get the books you need.

Workflow Solutions

Whether you’re looking for acquisition workflow efficiency, change management support or ways to save time, our technical services can help.  

Custom E-Book and Print Book Cataloging Services
For e-books and print books, get customized cataloging support that saves you time. Classification options include Library of Congress, Dewey and National Library of Medicine (NLM) with Medical Subject Headings (MeSH). 

Physical Processing
We offer a wide range of shelf-ready services, so your books are prepared for circulation as soon as you receive them.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
We support EDI transactions associated with all major integrated library systems for orders, invoices and order status reports. 


GOBI is open and committed to providing choice to libraries. We partner with all ILS vendors and offer integration with all library systems.  

GobiAPI Integration 
Get real-time integration between GOBI and your local library system. Designed for both single and multiple orders, it is the simplest process for transferring bibliographic and order data.

GobiAPI works with a growing number of systems, including Alma, Sierra, FOLIO, etc.

GOBI Auto-Population in EBSCO Holdings Link Management (HLM) 
GOBI and EBSCO Holdings Link Management (HLM) customers can opt in to get complimentary, automated integration between GOBI and HLM. Get immediate access to all purchased e-books, including individual titles, eCollections and evidence-based acquisition (EBA) collections.  

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