GOBI Library Solutions

GOBI Library Solutions supports corporate libraries with collection development, providing print books and e-books on a wide range of business topics. Whether for leisure reading or professional development, let GOBI Library Solutions help you get the books you need.

Expertise & Support

When you work with GOBI Library Solutions, you work with a team of experts that act as an extension of your library. This includes: 

  • Collection Development Managers, many of whom are librarians themselves, who work with you to create your library’s profile and understand your library’s collection development goals.
  • Customer Service Bibliographers who are paired with each customer, so you always know who to contact. 
  • Technical Services staff who work with you to determine the most optimal workflows. 

Subject Expertise

GOBI Library Solutions’ in-house profiling experts help you select from the most relevant books for your library. 

Our team of subject experts have a combined 193 years of experience and profile nearly 70,000 newly published books each year, creating detailed bibliographic descriptions that you can find only in GOBI.

On-Demand Support Materials

GOBI tutorials, user guides and other support material are available on-demand on the EBSCO Connect support site. 

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